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Pollution prevention is a critical part of sustainable drainage systems and verified oil separators are designed to prevent watercourse pollution by containing oil and other hydrocarbons that have entered a drainage system. Class 1 OWS incorporate a coalescing filter and are designed to achieve a concentration of less than 5mg/l of oil under standard test conditions. Class 2 OWS are designed to achieve an oil concentration of less than 100mg/l under standard test conditions . Leadergrate’s new range of Full-Retention &By-pass Separators are designed and tested in accordance with BS EN858-1-2 and are proven to effectively separate oil and water under test to less than 5 parts per million and, therefore, protect the environment and public safety . Our By-Pass Separators are designed to treat fully all rainfall events up to 5mm/hr or 99% of all rainfall events. Any rainfall events above this leads to a by-pass of the system of the surplus flows. Our full retention separators are designed to treat the full flow of liquid through the drainage system up to 50mm/hr. Full retention separators are particularly relevant for high risk applications, such as petrol filling stations and heavily contaminated industrial areas.

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